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Sell Your Home in Orlando

When it is time to sell your home in Orlando, you need to work with the right people. Choosing the right team to list your property is crucial to achieving the best possible price. We aim to do this within a reasonable time-frame for you and your family.


Our market is local and our marketing is global.


Sell Your Home in Orlando And Get The Best Possible Price:

  • We visit the property and run some accurate comparisons in your area.
  • Together we establish a suitable price
  • We take some great photos and maybe even a short video
  • We advertise your home locally, nationally and internationally.
  • With an offer on the table from a qualified buyer
  • We schedule an inspection
  • You close on the property


List Your Property

We will arrange a 'no obligation' meeting with you to discuss your property and how we can sell your home in Orlando.. We provide a no nonsense service which gets results and keeps you firmly in the picture at all times.


In todays hectic market, our listings sell within days. Not weeks or months.

Work with professionals and get value for money


What we do for you


Marketing Exposure

When you hire us to sell your home, you get our full attention. We will listen to you and quickly be able to grasp the financial and emotional reasons in their entirety. Together we will learn why you are selling, where you are going to and the critical price points which could affect that move.

Your home will be exposed to prospective buyers from all over the world. We work with a number of key property portals, the local, state and national MLS (multiple listing service) and overseas through our partner agents.


Buyers and sellers have trusted us for over 32 years. We understand that this is all about you and we like it that way.

Buyer Prospecting

We are constantly adding new families to our database of home buyers through our network of websites and partner agents who are established in the U.S and overseas. Our team monitors what buyers are looking for against the details of your property. This provides us with a huge advantage over other agents who simply put your home on the local MLS and cross their fingers.



Reverse Prospecting

Reverse prospecting is a feature on our local MLS software system which very few realtors know about, let alone take advantage of. This can leave you missing out on hundreds of prospective buyers who are already searching for a home like yours. We regularly contact agents who have recently searched for properties which match what you are selling to find out if they have a client ready to make a purchase.



Open Houses To Sell Your Home

We are not in the business of TV shows and glamor magazines. We target real people who have the urgency and a sufficient budget to buy your home. We excel at pre-qualifying potential buyers, so that your time is not wasted.

If they don’t have the ability to buy, then they don’t have the opportunity to walk through your home.


High Quality Photos

People are very visual by nature. The better your home looks to the prospective buyer, the easier it will be to sell. Anyone can take a photo, and the photos of someone who takes them for a living always look better, don’t they? It is not always the equipment which makes the difference, simply the knowledge and experience of a professional.




We have access to a great team of financial experts who assist our clients in preparing to buy and sell a property. This means that we can help you determine what is best for you regarding the sale of your current property and the purchase of your new home.


What else can we offer?

We have a network of professionals who we can call on to assist in making the sale of your property run smoothly. These include: mortgage professionals, joiners, electricians, interior designers, removal companies to name just a few.

We want you to have a positive experience when you sell your home.

With have years of experience, our brokerage has hundreds of agents and our track record is second to none.


What we will not do

We will not take on a listing if the required asking price is not in line with the market.

Pricing a home too high is bad for everyone involved because;

  1. It means you will not be able to sell your home.
  2. It can have future negative impact on the value. When an owner is seen to be dropping the price every few months it can appear as though they are desperate to sell, even though they may not be.

We buy any home programs seem to be the new trend which, if you are desperate, may have a place. Most owners, however do not wish to discount their property by 10, 20% or even more in order to get a quick sale. On a $300,000 property that could be over $60,000 you will lose. Thats a chunk of change you do not want to be leaving on the table.

But wait, thats not all. Some also charge you fees and / or commissions.

Yes it might sound easier than a regular sale, but it is also well above an annual salary you could be losing. The little bit of work you need to do in order to sell your home is well worth the effort. Wouldn’t you agree?

We will always strive to get you the best possible price for your when you sell your home. This price will always be dependent on the current local market conditions.


Current Market Conditions, teamwork and professionalism

In an ideal world we would like to sell your home and assist you in buying your next home. In order to do this we need to build trust in each other.  We need to work as a team. The only way of doing this is by telling the truth about a property. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly. If it needs work and is overpriced we will tell you. If it could set a new street record, we will definitely be telling you that.


List Your Property

We will arrange a 'no obligation' meeting with you to discuss your property and how we can sell your home in Orlando.. We provide a no nonsense service which gets results and keeps you firmly in the picture at all times.

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