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The majority of people require finance in the form of a mortgage loan in order to buy a home. Many of you have done it before and probably think you know what will be required. Things however, have probably changed since your last time.



Having the right mortgage professional on your team can make all of the difference. The process is not necessarily more difficult than it previously was … it’s just different.

Things have changed in recent years, with regulations being tightened and underwriters throwing loans in the trash for the slightest reason. This is why talking to the right people is more important then ever.

Schedule a call for a one to one meeting or join us at one of our monthly finance classes. You will get first hand information about what you need to do, how to prepare your paperwork and which type of mortgage loan is best for you and your family. There is absolutely no obligation and no charge to meet up.

Mortgage Classes will begin in Central Florida in the Fall, so sign up now so you can book your place. Each finance / mortgage class will have a maximum of 20.

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