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+55 Communities

Just like the majority of people investigating the active adult and +55 communities in Central Florida you will have tested the water several times. You will have stayed in a few different areas and rented a number of homes over the years.


Next comes the big step – This is what you have been waiting for.

Now it is time to buy your own property in Florida and make it your home. This could be on a seasonal basis or as part of a complete lifestyle change. You sell your expensive home in the north and wave goodbye to the cold winters and high taxes and say hello to affordable living and a fantastic climate with year round activities on your doorstep.

Most owners at your +55 community of choice will be retired or semi-retired. Many have sold their ‘family home’ in more expensive states and have bought their new home for cash.

Some like to golf, others prefer tennis, shuffleboard or bocce, whilst others may prefer painting or doing nothing at all. No community is ever going to be perfect for everyone. We just need to find the right one for you.


As a prospective owner you need to consider what YOU want and how YOU want to live.



Small and Medium + 55 communities

Buying a new home in a smaller +55 community ( less than 2,000 homes) can put you in an awkward position if you do not wish to join in with every event on the community calendar. Peer pressure should end when we finish puberty, but unfortunately, if you like a little peace and quiet, some of the smaller over 55 / active adult communities may not be the best solution for you. On the other hand if you love the idea of ‘getting involved’ you are probably going to love the lifestyle and the feeling of community.


Large +55 communities

We consider a large active adult / over 55 community to be one with more than 2,000 homes. For the most part that will equate to a population of at least 4,000 people – equivalent to a small town. Larger +55 communities can be a better overall fit as you are able to ‘disappear into the crowd’ if and when you feel the need. Larger communities provide residents a plethora of activities to enjoy throughout the year. Yet, because there are several thousands of owners on the community, you will be able to pick and choose which activities you wish to concentrate on and at the same time, not appear to be a spoil-sport.

As with any town, you will find a group or even a number of groups of people with whom you wish to spend time with. Because the population is relatively large, all of the activity  groups will have regular and loyal attendees. Go with what you want and don’t worry about the rest.

A larger +55 community can offer you MORE CHOICE and a smaller +55 community can offer a more integrated lifestyle. Ultimately,, it is this CHOICE which you have worked hard for and YOU DESERVE.


Just to be clear

We do not recommend or prefer one type of +55 community over any other. We are simply pointing out elements of the buying decision which you need to consider. Once you have decided on what you want from a community and how you wish to live the Florida Lifestyle, we will assist you in pinpointing the communities and homes which best meet your requirements.

There are a number of excellent +55 communities offering new homes in the Orlando Metropolitan area. There are a number of common denominators and a number of unique selling points to be considered.

Arrange a call with one of our specialists and let’s see if we can find you your perfect new home in Central Florida.


Active Adult / +55 communities Guide

Retiring to Orlando - your guide to +55 and active adult communities

We have put together a great pdf for clients looking to purchase in an active adult / +55 community. This document provides you with crucial guidelines about what you need to consider.

Retirement Guide Request

Orlando Area Active Adult / +55 communities

Twin Lakes
St. Cloud, FL
Total Homes 2,000


Del Webb Oasis
Winter Garden, FL
Total Homes 830


Traditions at Lake Ruby
Winter Haven, FL
Total Homes 552


Four Seasons at Orlando
Kissimmee, FL
Total Homes 533


The Lakes at Harmony
Harmony, FL
Total Homes 400


Gatherings of Lake Nona
Orlando, FL
Total Homes 216


Serenity Reserve
St. Cloud, FL
Total Homes 85


Enclave at VillageWalk
Orlando, FL
Total Homes 144
No Age Restriction



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